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EPOCH services

Waldorf-inspired services, events, workshops and support


Epoch (epic)

Whether you're new to homeschooling, a veteran homeschooler, or weighing your educational options, Epoch is here to support!

Chelsea Vail, founder of a Waldorf-inspired micro school in Bozeman, Montana and seasoned EC-4th educator, will be sharing resources, tips and tricks for the Epoch online tribe (join as a member for members only content) including weekly lesson plans and activities for ages 7-11y. 


Chelsea plans field trips, events, and group activities for her local tribe via the Epoch private Facebook group (approval and application required) to ensure like-minded members and protect group dynamics. 

Do you need more 1:1 support or have a burning question? Chelsea offers private coaching and planning support for homeschool parents, too! 

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