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Be an Epoch Member

When you join Epoch, you're taking the first step towards creating a tribe for yourself and your child(ren). Through Epoch, Chelsea will be offering "members only" content, online and in-person workshops, parent support/coaching, educational podcasts for homeschooling and outschooling families, and links to books, games, toys, and art supplies every Waldorf-y mom should have right here at and the Epoch podcast. 


Every homeschooling family wants their child(ren) to have a large circle of friends, opportunities for healthy competition with same-aged peers, field trips, and exposure to a wide range of personality types ie socialization. Through Epoch, Chelsea will be organizing meet-ups and educational field trips throughout the year to compliment your child's learning journey. Members will also be invited to participate in culture trips, group plays, festivals, spelling bee, talent shows, school portraits, debate, and presentations/projects to showcase their learning in creative ways!


Festivals throughout the year include:

  • Michaelmas

  • Martinmas Lantern Walk

  • Indigenous People's Day

  • Gratitude Feast

  • St. Lucia Day

  • May Faire

Epoch will be providing cultural trips and field trips throughout the year! 

 Stay in-the-know!

If you're a homeschooling or outschooling family interested in the Waldorf method, we'd love to hear from you. 

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