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Why Waldorf?

The real question should be, "Why not?" Its not secret the public education system is crumbling. can almost hear it crumbling around you and the 'beep beep' of construction trucks hauling away the underpaid teachers, disgruntled parents, cynical admin staff and the cheers of the depressed and anxious children as they run full speed ahead. Where are they going? Nowhere. They're just running for the pure joy of running.

Waldorf education was founded by Rudolf Steiner, the brilliant mind behind anthroposophy, color theory, biodynamic farming and countless other revelations and discoveries. Steiner was raised in Nazi Germany, which wouldn't seem like the kind of foundation you'd want for the founder of such a profound, loving movement like Waldorf. But, it was because of his exposure to elitist education, strict regimented upbringing, and an educational system that focused solely on academics that he grew up wanting more for future generations and founded a movement that's taken on a life of its own. He desired an education that was not only for boys or for children from wealthy families, but that met the needs of all children and saw them as they are- both spiritual and physical beings. His work in anthroposophy is interweaved into the tapestries of the curriculum, but never taught to the children. It merely guides the teacher in his, or her, work.

The philosophy focuses on developing the whole child from the inside out- head/heart/hands and developing thinking/willing/doing. The arts are integrated into every aspect of core curriculum and a heavy emphasis is place on interaction with nature. I've studied Steiner's work and read some of his almost nauseatingly difficult-to-read lectures and can hardly get enough! The way children are viewed, loved and accepted melts my heart and the understanding of how they view the world and how they learn through love, play, and color excites me to my very core. I'm thrilled to bring this educational philosophy to the children and families of Bozeman. Follow our journey on Instagram, sign up for the newsletter here and be sure to reserve a spot to play in Magical Forest toddler time or join my parent book study! Let's embark on this journey together.

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