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Waldorf Homeschooling

When I first launched Epoch, Inc., in 2022 I hired a teacher. My original plan was to bring a cohort of kids together (which I did), remodel the detached garage/loft on my 5.5 acre property in Montana to be a mixed-age schoolroom (which I did) and hire a Waldorf certified teacher- THAT didn't happen.

Waldorf teachers don't grow on trees- they're a rarity. Sure, we had several Waldorf teachers apply, but Bozeman is one of the most expensive places in the US to reside and we were a budding program aiming to keep tuition low so that private education could be affordable to the majority and simply could not afford to bring anyone into Bozeman. What ended up happening was I stepped in as the primary teacher. I have a BS degree in Child Development and am a Certified EC-4 teacher, but I didn't think I could pull off the Waldorf education I wanted for my program.

Turns out- I could! I realized that Waldorf is a way of being and that if, and when, it resonates with you, it comes through you and reaches the hearts of your students. So, if you're considering Waldorf education and can't afford the high tuition prices of a traditional Waldorf school- consider homeschooling your child with Waldorf methods. It's easier than you think when you're dedicated to learning the "why" behind the methodology and approaching the education of your child with head (thinking), heart (feeling) and hands (willing).

I suggest following Epoch on Pinterest and finding videos on YouTube to learn songs, form drawing, watercolor techniques, toy making, and math lessons. Search things like "Waldorf math class 2" or "Waldorf phonics class 1" or "Waldorf geometry" on Pinterest and brace yourself before you fall down the rabbit hole! Check out and shop store like Mecurius, Bella Luna Toys, and Palumba for school supplies and toys.

I'll be sharing my book lists, teacher resources, curriculum goals, songs, field trip ideas, schedule and lesson plans ALL year long for those that have a child 6-9y and want to follow our learning journey. Become a member for this exclusive content for the 2024-2025 school year.

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As a trained Waldorf teacher, pay has not kept up with cost of living. We have to concoct very out-of-the-box ways to keep afloat in today's economy (renting a room and having lots of roommates, etc...). And in the age of DEI, Waldorf is one of the most exclusive private school organizations I know of. I cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket for three day interviews across the country, and many of them, so I am working at a public daycare instead.

I think what you are doing is excellent Chelsea and I applaud you for promoting Waldorf homeschooling. It's entirely doable for any momma who cares about the future of her children and humanity. :)

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