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Tech-Free for Brilliant Minds & Healthy Bodies

"If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more brilliant, read them more fairy tales," Albert Einstein had insight into the profound impact fairy tales, folk tales, fables, and legends can have on a young child. The archetypes of the characters dwell within each of us and speak to the inner workings of the developing child in such a unique way. This is why there's heavy emphasis on fairy tales in the first epoch of child development in a Waldorf home and school setting. The vocabulary, descriptive language, simple unfolding of the story line, and the consistency of good triumphing over evil is unrivaled by today's garbage "literature".

I always roll my eyes when someone says, "Waldorf doesn't provide enough technology," when countless studies have proven that technology is detrimental to child development physically, mentally and emotionally. Tech counteracts learning and limits brain development. There's a reason nearly all the top tech entrepreneurs send their children to Waldorf schools and most are Waldorf alumni. Why is this? Because a Waldorf education creates brilliant minds and bodies!

Handwork such as knitting, crochet, sewing, modeling with clay and beeswax develops eye-hand coordination of course and builds fine motor strength, but it's also exciting the neurons in the same part of the brain responsible for math and language development. Building a habitat out of raw materials requires thinking backwards, patience, careful planning, trial and error, and acceptance of failure. Students compose their own music, write screen-plays, build sets and sew costumes for the figurines they sculpted out of a block of wood.

A Waldorf education may be tech-free by today's standards, but the parts of the mind responsible for innovation, creativity, and imagination required in our tech-heavy society are activated daily and the brain is exercised in such a unique way, Waldorf students can go into the world and master whatever life throws at them, whether they become the next top tech CEO, circus performer, professor, doctor, or musician...a Waldorf educated person will leave their school years with developed hands, heart, and head.

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