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Summer Camps Bozeman, Montana

As a kid growing up in Texas I always looked forward to summer because it was a break from school, but here in Montana it means so much more! School is out, the snow has melted, the wildflowers are blooming across the valley like a painting by Van Gogh and fruit is popping up on bushes and trees everywhere you look! In my opinion, summer in Montana is unmatched by anywhere else in the US so hosting summer camps at Epoch is a no brainer. We're offering weeklong summer camps for ages 5-9years old from 9am to 3pm with early release on Fridays at 2pm AND registering now saves you $50 a week!

Location: All camps except for the reading camp will take place at our 5.5 acre campus east of town about 7min from downtown Bozeman off the Bear Canyon exit. We have a creek, goats, chickens, woods, hiking trails, and ninja line. The Pagemaster reading camp will be held at our main campus at 612 W Main St. near Sweet Peaks Ice Cream, but will include frequent trips to parks, trails and playgrounds.

Here's what we're offering...

Epic Elements, June 19-June 23rd ($295)

The focus this week is on the elements of nature to include air, water, fire and earth. We will be exploring the elements through Waldorf inspired activities, art, stories, songs, and play!

Pigments & Figments, June 26-June 30th ($295)

Send your art loving child to our campus in the woods for a week of art inspired activities to include (but not limited to) process art, STEAM inspired activities, building, stories, and imaginative play! Think fairies, gnomes, dragons and more!

Pagemaster Reading Adventures July 10-21st (ages 5-7y, 2 weeks, $550)

This is a two week camp that focuses on early literacy skills through play-based activities including storytelling, spelling, phonemic awareness, reading skills, word play and is designed to inspire a love of reading through fairy tales, folk tales, classics and fables. Whether you have a struggling reader or a book worm, this camp is for you!

At Epoch, we take group dynamics seriously to be sure campers have a happy, safe, and memorable experience with us. We are selective, not collective when it comes to admitting campers into our programming. Please submit an email about your child to include name, birthdate, school information and two non-related character references to We will contact you with registration links and invoices.

If you're a member of Epoch or an enrolled family, you're already pre-approved!

We look forward to getting to know you! Chelsea Vail

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