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Rainbows, Dragons & Circus, Oh my!

In just one more week, our students will be crossing the imaginary rainbow bridge and leaving the dreamy summer behind whilst moving into a more focused learning journey with Mr. Wes that officially begins September 6th. The Rainbow Bridge Ceremony is the Waldorf way of meeting the teacher and its done in a way that the students will hold dear as a fond memory of starting the school year each year at Epoch.


On Sept 29th, we'll be hosting our first Waldorf festival- Michaelmas. Epoch students will perform a play for community members with props and costumes they've made themselves and dragon bread to share with attendees. As always, our members are free to attend, but if you're not a member and you'd like to join in the celebration, please purchase your ticket in advance. There are only 5 tickets available (one ticket per family).


We are thrilled to announce a circus arts visit and training for our students Friday, Sept 30th from 1-3pm. Be sure to dress your kiddo in comfortable clothing and shoes that day. If you're an Epoch member, your child is welcome to attend this event from 1-3pm. This is not for parents unfortunately as we have limited space for parking and activities. I look forward to a successful circus visit and I will send lots of photos! You can sign up as a member or join Forest Fridays by registering online.

Are you interested in Waldorf inspired education for your child? We currently offer programming for early childhood and primary grades, but will be a full K-8th program by next year. Please submit interest to

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