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Perks of Being an Epoch Member

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Education, biodynamic farming and anthroposophy divided child development into seven year "epochs": Head, Heart and Hands (mind, body and soul). The curriculum is uniquely designed to meet the child where they are in their developmental process and subsequently their learning journey. The second graders study the "good people" as they're in the last phase of the first Epoch- the hands realm and moving into the heart realm. The "good people" include Saints.

At Epoch, our second graders learn about, and honor, the good people of the past and present, but we also honor these people year around every year through traditional Waldorf festivals. In September we honor and celebrate Michaelmas. In November, we honor St. Martin through Martinmas. In December, our students turn inward for peace and light by walking an advent spiral and we celebrate St. Nikolas Day, learn about Odin in school and honor St. Lucia on December 13th. Come February, we make candles together for Candlemas, learn about St. Valentine and we learn about Ostara the goddess of fertility and rebirth in April. Mayfaire is our end of the year celebration celebrating the abundance of spring.

We also have field trips, culture trips, guest speakers, tutors, community dinners and special events throughout the year. Your family and your child benefit the most from Waldorf education when enrolled in our program full-time; however, we know this isn't a possibility for everyone. So, we're offering an Epoch membership to those that would like to participate in festivals, field trips and community events to enhance their child's learning journey and be a part of our growing community.

The first event for our members is Michaelmas, Sept 29th. Join as a member now (Join US tab on the website) for all the details. Can't join? It's okay- you can purchase a ticket as well.

NOTE: Epoch members will also be offered the first right of refusal for registering their child for programming! We look forward to getting to know you.

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