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May Faire Festival: Bozeman

It's not common in western culture to bring people together for the simple joys of being together. In fact, most holidays have moved from honoring Saints, historical figures and other good people with depth and reverence to an opportunity for more profit and junk. But, in a Waldorf home, we work diligently to create a space of reverence and honor a child's inner life. Have you ever stopped to think about your child's inner life? As they grow and develop outwardly from the roots to the heavens, think about what's happening internally. They're developing thinking, feeling and willing.

In a Waldorf school, we teach with depth. We provide opportunities for innovation, critical thinking and problem solving. We seek to find the historical roots of holidays and traditions and we help children develop a worldview from understanding other cultures, languages, traditions and customs. We connect our thinking, and newfound knowledge, to our feelings through illustrating, painting, or other creative expression. And, through play, children develop the will and strengthen their bodies to do good in the world. Children process their world and experiences through play.

We, at Epoch, would like to invite the community of Bozeman to join us at the MayFaire festival at Bogert Park from 11-2pm to celebrate the abundance of spring and the bounty Pachamama (Mother Earth) provides. We will engage in a Maypole dance, making flower crowns with fresh flowers, building fairy houses and gnome homes, and enjoying picnic lunches and playing with old and new friends.

Discover what makes Waldorf feel like "coming home" to so many and why this is the chosen method of alternative education for many families and children of Bozeman. Co-hosting with us is the Valley of the Flowers Waldorf Inspired Early Childhood Program and the Wildflower School of Montana. We look forward to seeing you there. Should you choose to donate to our programs to support Waldorf education in Bozeman, you can do so online, via PayPal, or in-person at the event. Thank you kindly for your support.

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