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Magical Child: Book Club

"Intelligence, like the body, can be injured or nurtured, stimulated or starved" -Joseph Chilton Pierce starts us off with a thought provoking statement in his bestselling book, Magical Child, the first book of study for Epoch's book club for parents that begins meeting next Thursday, April 28th at 5:00 pm.

I believe children are the secret to self-actualization and this book came highly recommended as a way to deepen my understanding of nature's plan for our children and their unique role in OUR growth as humans through parenting experiences. My little sister noted once, "I'm a better human after having kids. I see the world so differently because of them." It's so true! Children teach us to appreciate the simple things, look for beauty everywhere, choose kindness over cruelty, laugh at ourselves, and empathize with others. Every tantrum is an opportunity to practice patience. Every tear tugs at our heartstrings and causes internal reflection.

What's in it for you? Why join a book club that's not free? Reading a fiction book, a novel perhaps, is reading for pleasure or entertainment, but reading an anthroposophical book such as Magical Child is a practice in, and of, itself. It can be challenging, confusing, and even stir up feelings of guilt or shame unexpectedly when a complete stranger (the author) tells a parent how they "should" be doing it or worse-should have already done it. Your host (myself) has worked with children and families over fifteen years now, with ten years as a parent coach. I hold a BS in Child Development, an MA if Family Counseling, I'm a Certified Child Life Specialist, EC-4 educator, and former Play Therapist. I've worked in homes, schools, counseling centers, day cares, and hospitals with all ages and supporting parents from all backgrounds and cultures. And...I'm a mom! My goal is to learn alongside you, but offer helpful insight as we navigate dangerous waters together- PARENTING ain't for the weak and crowd sourcing for support can be the blind leading the blind. Instead, learn and grow alongside a parent coach!

Join other like-minded parents in reading Magical Child by Joseph Chilton Pierce and discover nature's plan for our children and how we can best support them on their journey while simultaneously embarking on our own!

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