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Join Epoch Fall 2023

The votes are in and it looks like Epoch is a crowd favorite! When we launched this program last year we were hopeful but cautiously optimistic. There were many sleepless nights wondering if a crazy dream could actually be brought to fruition AND well received by the community as well. Here's what we're hearing from parents and students:

  • "You saved my child and I'll owe you the rest of my life."

  • "My child used to throw books and say they couldn't read, but now they're reading for fun and begging to go to the library."

  • "She loves you and loves going to school every day. We're so lucky to have found you."

  • "It's a true testament to the success of the program when my kids are begging to go to school all weekend long!"

  • "I finally have my little boy back! He's creating again and using his imagination."

Growing up I would fake sick to get out of school, but ironically the students at Epoch try to hide their symptoms when they're legitimately sick so that they won't have to miss school! "It's a mother's dream," -L. D.

This year, a former homeschool student previously traumatized by regular school joined the program a few days a week and has experienced success emotionally and academically. Two other students left public school to enroll midyear and more than half our students relocated from other cities and/or states to join us and help see the vision through. The students truly love being at school every day and are making giant strides forward in their learning journeys.

We had some hurdles to overcome upfront, but we leaped over them with the greatest of ease knowing our families and students were rallying behind us. And now, it's time to prepare for the fall of 2023. We have interviewed two amazing teacher candidates to lead our upper grades next school year, we hired one full-time teacher for our K/1 group and we have tutors for art, music, Spanish, and handwork. Should you be interested in joining the program, please submit a letter of interest telling us about your child including birthdate, previous educational experiences, what you're hoping for regarding your child's education, and two references not related to your child who can speak on their temperament. Email to set up a school tour and trial day in class. We will be offering spots to qualified applicants by May 15th and hosting a meet/greet for new families.

Thank you for your interest in Epoch; where the wild things grow.

Chelsea Vail

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