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Forest Fridays, Bozeman

I grew up in the public school system of Houston, TX (blech). It was often too hot to really enjoy being outside. Summers included playing in the sprinklers or plastic inflatable pools endlessly. In fact, I remember being at a pool or waterpark damn near every day! Autumn was something we read about and were told what colors leaves turn in other parts of the world, but I never saw the colors change on the sappy pine trees that lined my street. I didn't experience fall until I moved away to Tennessee for college. But, here in Bozeman, Montana, kids have the benefit of feeling the seasons click all year long!

We will meet September, October, November and skip the winter mostly because I'm a huge weenie in the winter and unless I'm dressed like a Yeti, I'm unlikely to be a happy guide outside December through February in Montana. We may meet at the slopes instead, but that will be up to each parent's discretion to join, fund, and supervise those Fridays. Then, we'll pick up again in March, April, and May for spring joys.

Experiencing the elements of fire, water, earth, and air as they vary seasonally is so powerful for a young child! Whether its raking leaves for jumping in and out of, making cinnamon scented play-doh by a fire, or breaking up chunks of ice in the creek by the meadow, the children of Forest Fridays will engage in nature-based play among the elements in Bozeman on a 5.5 acre campus featuring woods, trails, meadows, rocks, tipis, and creeks. Perhaps they'll learn how to build a wigwam or bead moccasins. Maybe an herbalist will show them how to identify poisonous plants or make plant-based medicines and salves. They may build sun dials out of wood or clay. Regardless what activity is provided, the children will have ample time outdoors to explore freely!

No masks, no vax required! All that's required of these children is to bring their unique selves and share their energies with one another in a positive, loving, safe environment. Watch how your child lights up when gifted the joys of nature play! Parents are encouraged to drop their children off at 9am and pick up by 3pm. If you'd like to volunteer to help or you have a unique talent to share with the group, please email

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