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Forest Fridays are Epic at Epoch

Play is part of every school day at Epoch and nature is one of the most respected teachers in our Waldorf-inspired programming, but Fridays will be especially unique and inspiring. Whether we're hiking through the woods of the nearly six acre campus, building boats to race in the creek by the meadow, reading a book in a hammock, or modeling something out of clay, we're turning to the forest all day on Fridays for ages 5-12 years old. Some Fridays may be a field trip day, a day to hike the M or ski Bridger with our classmates. Perhaps we're working on a play to perform for the community and we're building sets, props, writing the script, or sewing costumes, we will be outside!

Waldorf education is based on the belief that children are both spiritual beings as well as physical beings and being in nature often helps them feel the interconnectedness of the spiritual and physical worlds. Getting dirty and experiencing all of the elements builds their immune systems, but also having ample opportunity to challenge their bodies by hiking, climbing, dancing, building, and sculpting supports healthy development overall.

By offering mixed age programming, we're helping the big kids get in touch with their inner child and develop empathy and the little ones have role models and leaders in the big kids. Join us for Forest Fridays this fall. You may register for September, October, and November. We will not be meeting Dec-Feb due to Montana winter extremes. Spots are limited to sign up now!!

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