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Epoch: A "Waldorf-y" Co-op

When I launched Epoch, a Waldorf-inspired micro school in Bozeman, Montana several; years ago, I remember a gentlemen in the local social media community commenting, "They can't even spell Waldorf correctly on their website. Noone in their right mind should send their child there!" I rarely am offended when an internet troll comments in this manner. In fact, I found it quite humorous because the "y" at the end of Waldorf is intentional.

Let's talk "y" and why:

I first discovered Waldorf education when I lived in Tamarindo, Alajuela, Costa Rica when my twins were very little. They were just under the age to attend the kindergarten, which, in Waldorf education, includes ages 3-6 years old. My boys were just under two years of age at the time and my nanny thought Waldorf education was something I'd fall in love with- which it was!

Flash forward a few years of Reggio-Emilia day school, several nature-based preschools, and one Waldorf-inspired kindergarten and I'd be launching my own Waldorf-inspired program in Montana. You're wondering why I'm using "Waldorf-inspired" and identifying my own program as Waldorf-y. Well, it's because (post-Covid) I began to see many traditional Waldorf programs going woke. I lean much more towards the "awakened, not woke" side of things and was turned off by much of what I was seeing, and hearing, in many of the US Waldorf schools. Add in the astronomical tuition prices, non-negotiable contracts, and standard 8am-4pm Monday through Friday school schedule and I couldn't fun fast enough far enough. So, Epoch was born.

Epoch has served a beautiful cohort of children in Bozeman over the past few years, but I've felt the calling to open up myself to a larger community and offer my services online to support the millions of homeschooling, unschooling, outschooling, frobbschooling and knobschooling (not words- yet, I don't think LOL) families forming around the world.

If you're considering pulling your child from the rat race of "traditional" schooling and are curious about the Waldorf-y world of education, you've found the right place. I'll be uploading podcasts, blogs, curriculums, lesson plans, book lists, travel tips (with your minions in tow), projects, assignments and ways to "socialize" your homeschooled kiddo.

Disclaimer: I hate the word "socialize" when referring to children. They're humans, not dogs, but this is the term many moms use when expressing the fear their fully capable human won't have friends if they pull them from school that's rife with cliques, bullies, and meanies and homeschooling allows you and your child to select, not collect, their friends...but that's a WHOLE other post we'll get to.

Stay tuned! Much more to come. Be well,

Chelsea Vail

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