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Enrich Your Child's Learning

Bozeman is full of homeschooling families, and I'm thrilled to see it! No one knows your child better than you, am I right? But, many homeschool families wonder if they're doing enough. They know they want control over their child's education, and perhaps they want a private school education but are limited by costs and location. Well, we've got your back here at Epoch!

Let us enrich your child's learning as a homeschool student, or after public school hours for others, by offering tutoring, chess, mindfulness, ukelele, creative writing, Spanish, or swim (off-campus). Our certified teacher, Mr. Wes, is skilled at teaching these enrichment classes, but he also possesses unique training and experience with at-risk youth and students with special needs. Can we give Wes permission to toot his horn? Toot-toot! He's awesome, and we're thankful to the universe for guiding him towards us.

We are also offering watercolor painting, pottery, guest speakers, field trips, yoga, circus arts, sketching classes, cooking, and handwork as a part of our regular programming. Would you like to be included? You can! First, sign up as a member under "join us". This keeps you in the loop on all things happening each month at Epoch and allows you to attend field trips and festivals, but you're also invited to participate in in-school happenings and pay by the class ($25 per class). This is a wonderful way for the homeschool community to enrich their child's learning further and dip their toes into the Waldorf world. Check out our offerings under the "enrichment" tab, and if you feel the calling- sign up as a member!

Perhaps you're a homeschool family wondering how you can provide more at home? Our Founder and President, Chelsea Vail, is a certified EC-4 educator, Certified Child Life Specialist, CPRT trained National Board Certified Counselor and is passionate about supporting parents and teachers, regardless of what curriculum you use at home. Reach out for consultation and support! to reach Chelsea.

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