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Be an Epoch member: Waldorf community BZN

One common thread between families around the world right now is the need for community post-pandemic. We've all suffered school and business closures, job losses, remote work robbing us of office camaraderie. Sadly, political agendas and government mandates caused division and forced an end to some friendships. We, humans, are pack creatures! We are not meant to run alone.

This is one reason we added a membership program to Epoch, Inc; a growing Waldorf community in Bozeman. We know the families joining us are seeking community again, but what about those families whose children are not yet old enough for full-time school or families who love homeschooling, but want to connect with other like-minded families. We thought about the many families whose children attend public school due to financial constraints or convenience, but would love to be a part of a group with common interests and worldview?

Joining Epoch as a member gives you free access to the festivals we hold throughout the year including:

  • Martinmas

  • Michaelmas

  • Indiginous People's Day

  • Thanksgiving Family Meal

  • Advent Walk

  • Candlemas

  • May Faire

as well as an invite to field trips, culture trips, campouts, parent night outs and community dinners. As an Epoch member, you're also invited to campus when we have guest speakers and you're given first dibs on a spot in the program once your child is of age to attend, a summer camp invite, and 20% off future merchandise and workshops. Plus, you're supporting the growth of the program and the Waldorf community in Bozeman. It's a no-brainer! Reach out to Chelsea Vail should you have any questions

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